Thursday Men’s 4-Man League

Welcome to Thursday Men’s 4-Person league!


This league is a 4-Person Match Play League. There is a total of 80 points being played for in each team match. There will be 4 individual matches being played and that is what makes up your team’s score. 18 points are played for in each singles match (2 points per hole). If you half a hole then 1 point goes to each person if you win the hole you get 2 points and if you lose 0 points are awarded. If you win your singles match there is a bonus 2 points awarded.


This league is going to run 14 weeks and will begin May 9th! Entry fee is $200 dollars per team or $50 per person. There will also be a weekly skins game. Gross and Net and it is a $5 cash entry fee.


Payouts (Based off of 14 Teams)


First Half Payout:

1st Place: $280

Playoffs Payout:

1st Place: $680

2nd Place: $630

3rd Place: $504

4th Place: $454

5th Place: $252


Previous Years

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